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Our Services

The Telcar Group offers meaningful solutions for business, institutional, healthcare, higher education, K-12 and dealing with growth and change. Our experience, innovative practices, efficiencies, expertise, and attention to detail are all key componets that has helped us grow over the years.

Relocating, renovating, or rearranging your space can be complicated and overwhelming. That’s why we go above and beyond selling furniture. We manage the whole process in-house—from strategic furniture selection to order fulfillment, delivery, installation, and beyond—and take full responsibility for the success of your project.

Workplace Strategy

We know that a well-designed space can breathe life back into a workplace—and set a company apart. That’s why, drawing from our partnership with Herman Miller, we apply Living Office framework—and research that informs it—to workplace strategy. During the earliest phases of our relationship, we'll coordinate with you and your design partners to translate your needs into a strategic solution that supports your people, your work, and your culture. Read more

Space Optimization

Leveraging the expertise of our in-house workplace strategist and decades of research from Herman Miller into workplace design, we're able to help you evaluate your current space to recommend new products—or even new configurations—to help you improve the way you work. Read more

Furniture selection and procurement

Whether someone is purchasing a single chair or furniture standards for a corporate headquarters, the deliverable is on time and on budget. Partnered with more than 200 manufacturers and brands, including industry leaders like Herman Miller, Nemschoff, Geiger, OFS, National, Groupe LaCasse, Neocase Meridian, Great Openings, and SitOnIt, we provide access to a large selection of the best office furniture in the country. With decades of experience in corporate, education, government, and healthcare environments, we can help you choose the products and options best-suited for your industry and needs. Read more

Preventative maintenance programs

By working in partnership with our clients, we can provide superior service and solutions, even after the installation phase. We continue working with you long after the furniture has left our warehouse, because we know that as your business or life changes and grows, so do your needs. To keep your furniture looking its best and in good working order, Interior Investments provides ongoing maintenance services, including inspection, cleaning, stain-prevention treatment, and lubrication as required. We promptly repair your furniture and aid in warranty fulfillment, assuring that your long-term investment is protected. Read more

Delivery, installation, and warehousing (asset and inventory management)

Our company is a rare one: we are a comprehensive installation company, own a fleet of delivery vehicles, and operate three warehouses across three states. Because we can control all aspects of the process, we’ve been able to pioneer groundbreaking innovations in everything from order fulfillment to inventory management, so we can respond more quickly to your needs—and save you time and money. Also, with seven locations in the Midwest—and shared resources across Herman Miller’s entire Certified Dealer Network—we can easily serve our clients globally. Read more

Post-occupancy studies

You designed your workplace to meet certain goals, but do you know if you were successful? After a new build, move, or remodel, our team can help you identify and execute any necessary adjustments to your setup to better support how your space is actually used. Read more

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