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Overseas Import and Logistics

We can manage the entire process

We have long-term business relationships with licensed (US Department of the
Treasury) Customs Brokers. Most Customs Brokers are also licensed by the
Federal Maritime Commission as Ocean Freight Forwarders, now called
"Ocean Transport Intermediaries" (OTI).


Thorough knowledge of tariff schedules and customs regulations. We keep abreast of the amendments made through the constant changes in the law and administrative regulations.

Our Customs Brokers are partners with us and are bonded with US Customs as a requirement for being issued their Customs Brokers licensees. The licensing is applicable on a nationwide basis but each Broker must secure a "Customhouse Broker Permit" for each Customs District he/she intends to operate in, before doing business with Telcar.

What do our Customs Brokers do?

Manage with us the details of clearing furnishings into the United States from the point of origin. There is involvement with US Customs and Carriers on a frequent basis. With our familiarity with how furnishings are built, problems can be identified before they occur.

Work with us to choose the best mode of transportation, and the appropriate carriers. Assist Telcar in assigning the best shipment routes, preparing the cost estimates, Letter of Credit consulting, cargo insurance, packaging, and dealing with other regulatory agencies.

Packing and labeling assistance, placing cargo insurance on the purchase to protect against loss, damage, or pilferage.

Keep us completely up to speed of any and all regulations regarding Country of Origin tagging, marking and other important facts that may affect merchandise when it arrives in the United States.

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