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Asset Management

Telcar can offer two methods of managing furniture assets:

  • Traditional method, utilizing digital images and electronic spreadsheets creating a database to generate any type of report needed.
  • AIM (Asset Inventory Management) which is an internet-based tool that allows you to view your inventory, make reservations, create custom reports, and more easily enforce your standards program. AIM is an available tool supported by Herman Miller.

Either method assures you of receiving:

  • A physical inventory of items at your location(s), including a digital photograph of each item if desired
  • A careful inspection of all pieces that arrive at the warehouse (yours or ours) for damage
  • Care for your assets in a facility with 24-hour security
  • Inventory entry into database with corresponding digital photos in order to track origin, age, and movement of individual pieces of furniture
  • Transportation of furniture to and from your location
  • Project management and installation personnel as requested
  • Activity reports at any interval that you specify, with whatever level of detail you wish, and a monthly invoice

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